Organic Dried Peppers

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12 x 1oz bags of dried smoked peppers.

Chipotle -  are fully ripe red jalapeños smoked and dried. These are extremely aromatic and flavorful, both sweet and spicy.

Thai -  make wonderful chili flakes or chili oil.

Mixed  - Aleppo, kimchi, and Thai peppers. 

Aleppo Chili Peppers - very flavorful Syrian peppers with medium heat
Kimchi Chili Pepper - medium heat Korean peppers perfect for flavoring kimchi
Thai Chili Peppers - very hot small Southeast Asian peppers. Wonderful for making chili flakes or chili oil.

Paprika - these are Szegedi variety medium heat paprika peppers. Used to make Hungarian hot paprika powder.

Grown, smoked, dried, and packaged on a farm in Sunderland, MA.