Men Don't Stink - Travel Cologne

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These travel friendly colognes are a mix of essential oils, including hemp seed, grape seed and avocado.  Best part is that you can never put to much on and it can be used as a moisturizer too!

Wanderer - 

Cracked pepper and mandarin.

Date Night - 

This Warm Whisky scent smells so good you won't make it out of the driveway.

Outdoorsmen - 

In nature, the Outdoorsman finds his compass to freedom, and at home he can appreciate this scent of cedar and rosemary.

Musician - 

Never miss a beat with this Vanilla Bean and Musk scented cologne.

Gentlemen -

This light citrus mahagony scent, is understated yet captivating - just like you.

Explorer - 

Bergamont & Cedarwood which creates a extremely nice combination.

Redneck - 

Bourbon and oak scented.

Canadian - 

maple bark scented