Kitchen Clever

Regular price $300.00

The perfect knife for you kitchen, this clever will slice, dice, and break bones if needed.  It's originality will keep your one of a kind, handmade in Geneva, IL (made out of reclaimed sawmill blades) the talk of any gathering and have all guests asking for one of their own!

6 1/2" blade

5 1/2" handle

Dye Quited maple 

8670 quenched and ground

.100 thickness.

Stainless pins.

THESE ARE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE ONLINE... BUT PLEASE reach out to @4ladyblades on Instagram and send a direct message to finalize the details of your unique one of a kind gem!   (Or email us at OR DO FIND OUT IF THESE ARE AVAILABLE.

Price does include drawer sheath and price could vary depending on the extras you may want to add.  

* Turn around time is 3 - 4 weeks. *